Robyn Tse, RN, RNCP


1:1 Nutritional Consulting

When it comes to your health, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. That’s why we are committed to a holistic approach that recognizes the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of well-being. We provide comprehensive 1:1 clinical nutritional consulting that focuses on relieving persistent symptoms and reversing complex medical conditions. By using functional foods, targeted supplements, and your body’s innate ability to heal, you can expect a clear plan towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

How it works

1 \  Free 20-minute Discovery Call

This free 20-minute session is geared towards understanding your health challenges and goals, and to determine if the program is right for you. During our time, you will be invited to briefly describe your current health status.


2 \  Initial Consultation (60 min)

We will complete a comprehensive intake to review your health history, symptoms and health concerns. You will receive an introductory health protocol so you can get symptom relief right away while we get to the source of the persisting ailments.


3 \  Personalized Health Protocol (PHP) Meetings (30 min)

During this appointment, you will receive your Personalized Health Protocol which will use functional foods, targeted supplements, and lifestyle recommendations to meet your specific health goals – 100% tailored to you.


4 \  Follow-Up Appointments (30 min)

Your progress is important to us. These sessions are designed to provide you with ongoing support and accountability, with adjustments made to your Protocol as needed.

  • Kickstarter Program
  • $ 450
    4 weeks
  • Our core program to begin addressing symptoms or health conditions that have been holding you back from feeling 100%.

    • Free Discovery Call (20-minutes)
    • Initial Consultation (60-minutes)
    • 1x Personalized Health Protocol (30-minutes)
    • 1x Follow-Up Appointment (30-minutes)
    • Meal Plan with 8 custom recipes incorporating your nutritional recommendations
    • Discounted, Professional-Grade Supplements (10% off)


    Payment plans available.

  • Thrive Program
  • $ 1350
    12 weeks
  • Regularly under the weather or battling a long-term illness? Let’s restore your immune system with this advanced program.

    • Free Discovery Call (20-minutes)
    • Initial Consultation (60-minutes)
    • 3x Personalized Health Protocol (30-minutes)
    • 3x Follow-Up Appointments (30-minutes)
    • Meal Plan with 24 custom recipes incorporating your nutritional
    • Discounted, Professional-Grade Supplements (15% off)


    Payment plans available.

Add-On Services

Additional Follow-up Appointments $90 plus tax
Functional Lab Work Prices vary, discounts available