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There are many health benefits to green tea, including its potency of L-theanine - a natural substance gaining traction for its potential to improve stress, cognition, and sleep quality. Green tea is definitely an item you want to add to your pantry after reading this article! What is L-Theanine? L-theanine is a unique amino acid found almost

It’s crunch time and you can’t focus on the upcoming presentation you have to give later today. You’ve completely zoned-out of the Zoom meeting. The list of to-dos is piling up and multiple thoughts race through your head as you secretly scroll through social media on your phone. Does this sound like you? It can be

The single most important factor in supporting our immune system comes down to the quantity and diversity of good bacteria in our gut. Alterations in the communities of healthy bacteria in the gut can encourage illness and autoimmune diseases. It’s not only crucial but necessary to support our gut health and, in turn, our immune health.

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